“Dialogue of Civilizations” Program
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                  “Dialogue of Civilizations” Program

                  From the moment of its inception, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress sees the development of dialogue between peoples and religions as one of its central tasks. This task results both from the unique geographical position of the Congress and the desire of our prominent precursors to find a common tongue with the peoples among whom Jews have lived, live now, and will live in the future.

                  EAJC believes that dialogue between civilizations, which occurs on all levels and in different forms in different regions of the world, is one of the most effective ways to lower the grade of inter-ethnic and interfaith tension.

                  The EAJC was one of the originators of a unique modern institution the Forum of World and Traditional Religions, which gathers once every three years in Astana. International Peace and Accord Conferences were also conducted at EAJC initiative, as well as interfaith conferences and seminars in different countries of the Eurasian region.

                  When the EAJC President meets with religious and political leaders, he always includes on the agenda the task of geographical expansion of dialogue, an increase in the number of its participants, and a heightening of the level of representation.

                  The ideas of dialogue are manifested in concrete actions: EAJC President Alexander Mashkevich funds building projects not only for synagogues, but for mosques and churches.

                  The merits of the Congress leader were noted by a Russian Orthodox Church award – the Order of the Blessed Sergiy of Radonezh.

                  The unique summer camps “Sources of Tolerance” are also filled with the ideas of dialogue. These camps are conducted by the Congress in different countries of Eurasia. Children of different nationalities and faiths who attend the camps are immersed into each other's cultures, languages, and religious traditions.