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                  Euroasian Jewish News
                  EnerJew – FJC’s vibrant Jewish Youth Movement – moves online!
                  31.03.2020, Community Life
                  Just on time: ‘Taste of Life’ expands to new cities
                  30.03.2020, Ukraine
                  Despite Corona: FJC’s Orphanages and Children’s homes across Ukraine and Russia stay open
                  30.03.2020, Community Life
                  In Ukraine, Christian group steps in to feed needy Jews confined by COVID-19
                  30.03.2020, Community Life
                  Israel evacuates families of diplomats from Russia
                  30.03.2020, Russia
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                  World Jewish News
                  High Court: Edelstein undermining democracy, must hold speaker vote by Wednesday
                  In victory for Blue and White, Knesset votes to form key oversight panel
                  23.03.2020, Israel
                  Netanyahu said to have pushed for new virus restrictions to apply to Knesset
                  20.03.2020, Israel
                  Blue and White denies unity deal close, says talks with Likud halted
                  19.03.2020, Israel
                  Israeli president to speaker, a Likud MK: Reopen Knesset, don’t damage democracy
                  18.03.2020, Israel
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                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part II
                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part I
                  World Congress of Russian Press. Israel, May 23, 2010
                  World Congress of Russian Press. Israel, May 23, 2010
                  EAJC Salutations to Great Patriotic War Veterans. Kiev, May 7, 2010
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
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                  Natan Sharansky’s Advice for Coronavirus Isolation
                  31.03.2020, Education
                  For Soviet Jews, It’s Impossible to Find Our Ancestry
                  22.03.2020, Heritage
                  World ORT – Adapting to changing times for 140 years
                  Acquainting Belarusian Jews with their Yiddish heritage
                  20.03.2020, Heritage
                  Photographing Europe's lost Jewish heritage
                  20.03.2020, Heritage
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                  «Programm Report of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Office in Kiev – 2015»

                  Most of EAJC programs are implemented by the EAJC Directorate (Kiev, Director – EAJC General Council Chairman, Chairman of the Vaad of Ukraine Josef Zissels, Program Director – Mila Braginskaya).